Drumstick supreme

A very easy recipe which makes a tasty lunchtime treat. 

Drumstick supreme
1 clove garlic, peeled and crushed 
1 tsp dried oregano 
1 tsp dried thyme 
1 tsp dried rosemary 
25 g / 1 oz breadcrumbs
slat and pepper 
4 chicken drumsticks 
2 tbs low-fat natural yogurt 

Drumstick supreme Preparation 

Pop all the ingredients, except the drumsticks and yogurt, into a plastic bag and give it a good shake. Using a very sharp knife carefully pierce the drumsticks then cover liberally with the yogurt. Pop the drumsticks into the bag and give another good shake, making sure they each get well covered with the ingredients. Remove from the bag and place each under a pre-heated grill for approximately 15 minutes, turning them once. The drumsticks are ready to eat when no pink juices trickle out when pierced with a skewer.

photo credit goes to = www.thestayathomechef.com


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