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You've done it - you've completed the 28-day Get Fit for Summer program successfully.
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But old habits are hard to break and just as there have been moments in the last 28 days when you felt unable to go on, there are sure to be days in the future when you feel like going back to your old ways and not thinking about what you are eating. When you get moments like those, read back through you diary to remind yourself how you coped with those down days. Look through the photographs you had taken at different stages of your program and glean from them the confidence to continue. 
    And it is worth remembering that different stages of life can create their own problem:

In your Twenties - welcome the office bum. This is when many of us end up sitting at a desk for 6-7 hours a day. Unfortunately it is also the time when the mind is stimulated but not the buttocks, so make sure they don't turn flabby. You need to integrate some cardiovascular exercising, especially those directed towards the gluteal region, i.e. step classes, brisk walking, skipping and running. 

In your Thirties - welcome the baby belly. A time in life when many women have their children, resulting in flabby stomach muscles that need a little more than breathing in. If you don't work on this area the muscles will just remain lazy and flabby. Remember to ask your doctor's advice if you have recently had a baby.

In your Forties - welcome sagging arm muscles. This is the time when muscles in the backs of the arms may begin to follow gravity. To counteract this problem and tone up the muscles, it is important to start exercising the shoulders and arms. 

In your fifties - welcome thunder thighs. Although active when younger, with the passing of years motivating one's legs to go for a long walk can get harder but any type of cardiovascular training will remedy this. Try dancing, brisk walking or you're never too old to take up cycling. 

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight requires a lifelong commitment to healthy eating. The three most important lessons you should have learnt from your program are to :

Eat a balanced healthy diet 
Eat three meals a day 


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