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The 28 day plan: days 8-14

You will by now have established a routine and perhaps made some changes. So are you ready for week two? 

7:30 am Glass of hot water and squeeze of lime juice
7:45 am Early morning shower. 
8:15 am Breakfast. Have a change in your second week - why not try a poached egg on wholemeal toast. 
9:15 am By now you should have extended your target for walking and so be able to walk a little further. 
10:15 am After the walk your feet may feel a little tender so why not treat them to some pampering that will help make them feel nice and smooth. See the recipe for foot mask.  

11:00 am Make this your creative time and carry on with the picture you were painting or the tapestry you began and to make it more relaxing play some music in the background. 
1:00 pm Time for lunch. Often the worst time of the day as you try to think up tasty meals. This is why it's a good idea to work out a week in advance what your intend eating and stick to those meals. Write them up as a daily menu and pin it in the kitchen. Today why not have a baked jacket potato filled with a small can of mixed chilli beans and served with a green salad.
3:00 pm Do a total workout routine. 
4:00 pm Spend time exfoliating the skin 
6:00 pm Time to prepare dinner. How about chicken risotto and finish with a banana or dessert. 
7:00 pm Go into a quiet room and spend some time hibernating to help clear your mind of all tensions and frustrations. just being alone for 20 minutes can help to revitalize and rejuvenate the body. 
8:00 pm Treat yourself to a relaxing bath and give those muscles a long, lingering soak by adding a few drops of sweet marjoram, ginger or black pepper oil to the bathwater. 

Don't forget - as you complete each activity tick it off on your chart and before you go to sleep remember to record in your diary how you felt, both the good and bad points. Plan what you intend doing the next day.  


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