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Get fit for summer

Are you ready for summer? Do you feel confident enough to cast off those long jumpers and baggy trousers and slip into something more revealing, or do you cringe at the thought of exposing your less-than-lean thighs and cower in embarrassment that you didn't do something about that slight bulge lying around your midriff before now? 
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Don't worry, help is at hand - if you follow this 28-day program, you too can flaunt a well-toned body on the beach this summer.

Are you fit? 

Can you run upstairs without panting for breath? Take the family dog for a long walk and arrive home without feeling totally exhausted? Swim a couple of lengths at the local pool and not feel as though you had swum in the Olympics? If you can't, it looks as if you, along with many other people, are slightly unfit. However, the difference is that, simply by picking up this article you have decided to do something about it. 
    Feeling fit and being fit are essentially two different things. We can't all afford the luxury of employing a personal trainer like some of the top stars to attain a wonderful sylph-like figure, but then again with a little time and effort on your part you can look just as good, if not better, even if it does entail having to forego that daily bar of chocolate or can of fizzy drink. But surely, at the end of the day, looking and feeling so much healthier is worth the initial input. 

Feeling fit

Good health and feeling fit mean different things to different people. It could be the ability to do things that were impossible before, taking part in physical activities, feeling better about the way you look, feeling younger or feeling more active and alive when you wake up in the morning. 
    The essence of this 28-day program is to illustrate that the secret of good health is a combined program of healthy eating and exercise, changing bad habits for good habits, learning to listen to your body and making sure it remains at the optimum level of good health. So don't sit around poring over diet sheets; take time to work your way through this 28-day regime and find out for yourself what getting fit is all about. 


Before embarking upon this program, it is wise to consult with your GP if you suffer from any of the following medical condition:

> You are pregnant or breastfeeding 
> You have diabetes 
> Have anemia 
> Have diabetes 
> Are underweight 
> Are under stress 
> Are taking medication that cannot be stopped 

Before starting 

If you are really serious, write out on a sheet of paper your reasons for wanting to get fr and set yourself some realistic goals to aim for but don't make them too extreme. Perhaps you want to go on holiday and wear a bating costume for the first time in years, or feel confident enough to wear shorts during the summer; both are sound and reasonable targets that are achievable. When you feel fit, you automatically feel so much better about yourself, physically and psychologically: 

When i get fit :

> I will look better on my summer holiday
> i will be able to wear a bathing costume 
> i will be able to wear cropped tops 
> My skin and complexion will look better 
> i will feel more energetic and active 

Did You Know? 

> You are technically unfit if you unable to walk 1.6 km {1 mile} in 12 minutes without becoming our of breath
> If you want to get and remain fit the minimum amount of exercise required to maintain overage fitness is 20 minutes three times a week

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