Peruvian fruit compote

It's called Mazamorra morada in Peruvian language.

Peruvian fruit compote
30 minutes 

Serves 6-8

250 g / 9 oz sugar 
4 whole cloves 
5 cm / 2 in piece of cinnamon 
100 g / 4 oz dried apricots, halved 
100 g / 4 oz dried peaches, quartered 
1/2 Small pineapple, peeled, cored and cubed, or 275 g / 10 oz canned pineapple cubes, drained 
2 firm ripe pears, peeled, cored and sliced 
2 peaches, peeled, stoned and sliced 
250 g / 9 oz cherries, stoned 
250 g / 9 oz canned blackberries, drained, or fresh black berries 
60 ml / 4 tbs corn flour 
60 ml / 4 tbs lemon juice 
ground cinnamon (optional)

Peruvian fruit compote Preparation

1- In a saucepan combine the sugar, cloves, cinnamon stick, dried apricots and peaches with 1 L / 1 3/4 pt water and simmer for 5 minutes. Add the pineapple, pears, peaches, cherries and blackberries and simmer over very low hat for 10 minutes longer. 

2- Mix the cornflour with 50 ml / 2 fl oz cold water and stir it into the fruit mixture. Cook until the liquid is thickened then stir in the lemon juice. Remove from the heat, cook. then chill in the refrigerator. 

  • Yummy Peruvian fruit compote serve with a little ground cinnamon sprinkled over the top, if you wish. 
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