Duck rice

Duckling with rice (Arroz con pato) The rich flavor of duck combines with fresh coriander, cumin and lager to make this a most delectable dish. 
Duck rice

1 1/2 hours 

Serves 6 

2-2.5 kg / 4 1/2-5 1/2 lb duck, cut to serve 6 vegetable oil 
2 medium-sized onions, finely chopped 
3 fresh hot red or green chillies, seeded and very finely chopped 
4 garlic cloves, finely chopped 
50 g / 2 oz fresh coriander, chopped 
5 ml / 1 tsp ground cumin 
salt and freshly ground black pepper 
about 1 L / 1 3/4 pt chicken stock 
450 g / 1 lb long-grain rice 
450 ml / 16 fl oz lager 
200 g / 7 oz frozen peas, defrosted 

Duck rice Preparation

1- Prick the fatty pats of the duck all over with a fork. Brush the bottom of a large heavy frying-pan with oil. 

2- Saute the duck pieces in the pan over medium heat until browned on all sides, about 10-15 minutes, turning them frequently. Do this in batches so as not to overcrowd the pan. The duck will brown in its own fat. Arrange the duck pieces in one layer in a large, heavy flameproof casserole

3- Pour off all but 45 ml / 3 tbs of the fat from the frying-pan. Saute the onions, chillies, and garlic in the fat until the onion is soft. 

4- Add the onion mixture to the casserole with 15 ml/ 1 tbs of the chopped coriander, the cumin and salt and pepper to taste. Add enough chicken stock to just cover the duck

5- Cover the casserole, bring the liquid to boil, then simmer until the duck is tender, about 45 minutes. Lift out the duck pieces on to a heated dish, cover with foil and keep warm while you prepare the rice and peas.

6- Pour off the liquid from the casserole and measure it. Add the rice to the casserole with 450 ml / 16 fl oz of the cooking liquid, the lager and the rest of the chopped coriander. Bring the liquid to the boil,  reduce the heat to low, cover and cook for 15 minutes.  

7- Stir in the peas, cover and cook for 5 minutes longer or until the rice is tender and has absorbed all the cooking liquid. 

8- Unwrap the duck pieces and arrange them on the rice, cover and cook over low heat for a few minutes to heat the duck through again. Serve from the casserole, or mound the rice and peas in the center of the heated serving platter and arrange the duck pieces on top. 

  • Rich in taste, delicious Duck rice are ready to eat. 
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