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Soused Camembert

I invented this dish when i was faced with an unripe Camembert the day before a dinner party. It is, however, too good to reserve for an occasion when your shopping has been less than successful!

Marinating overnight 
then 30 minutes plus chilling

Serves 4

1 Camembert cheese
150 ml /5 fl oz dry white wine
100 g /4 oz softened butter 
Cayenne pepper
15-30 ml /1-2 tbs finely chopped parsley
2 crisp dessert apples to serve

How Arrange 

1- Scrape or cut a thin layer of crust from the cheese and discard. Cut the remaining 
cheese into quarters and soak overnight in dry white wine.

2- Remove the cheese from the wine marinade and dry gently with absorbent paper.
Cream the cheese thoroughly with the softened butter. Add the cayenne pepper and flavor with the brandy. 

3- Place the cheese and butter mixture on a serving plate and pat it back to the original 
Camembert shape with a palette knife. Coat the top with the very fine toasted breadcrumb, 
and the sides with finely chopped parsley. Alternatively, you can divide the mixture 
between 4 little pots. Chill for at least 2 hours before serving. 

4- Serve with wedges of crisp eating apples at the end of a meal or before the dessert. 


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